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Downloading and Installing Library

There are many available java libraries on the internet. Many libraries can be downloaded using http protocol. The most concentrated places are the maven repositories. So a maven repository was used in this project -

Dialog with availible libraries can be shown using Tools|Install Maven's Library menu item from main menu. There are these components:

Example of Usage

You want to download commons-collections.jar library. The commons-collections extends java.util standard collections library. Do these steps:
  1. show library installation dialog using Tools|Install Maven's library menu item.
  2. add to Filter field "collection" string.
  3. select commons-collections item in Category list.
  4. select commonst-collections-3.1.jar item in Libraries list
  5. Click to >> button in order to add the selected library to Added Libraries List
  6. Clict to Ok button
After that the istalling of libraries will start. The status about installation is shown in progressbar in right down corner. You can check if the library was installed in Library Manager (Tools|Library Manager menuitem).